Supporting a local authority to deliver a new data centre

Improved the performance of council applications and services, allowing staff to access information faster
Enhanced the security of customer and organisation data with easier and faster recovery times
Increased technical resilience allowing the council to seamlessly provide services to residents
Structure ICT change local authority

The Challenge

We worked with a local authority to review their existing data centre, a costly and unreliable solution, and implement a new, modern cloud-based solution.

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Our Approach

Without an effective, efficient and secure infrastructure there can be problems across an organisation. Despite its importance, this is often an area that is neglected, particularly in the public sector.

From July 2019 to March 2020, we worked alongside our local authority client to review their infrastructure, which included unreliable and inaccurate backup information and processes. The council’s existing data centre was costly to maintain, lacked resilience and did not align with their strategy.

On the back of this review, we managed the successful implementation of a range of improvement recommendations. These enabled our client to deliver a £1.8 million data centre refresh which delivered a host of benefits.

The recommendation moved the council infrastructure to a hybrid data centre model, with a cloud-based back-up solution.  Working alongside the ICT Service, we successfully delivered this significant change to the council’s infrastructure, from requirements, through to procurement and delivery.

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