Process change

We understand that process change can be overwhelming and needs careful planning, effective communication and the engagement and commitment of employees and stakeholders. This is where we come into our own: by putting people at the heart of any change process or journey, we help clients realise the benefits, long after we’ve left.

Why carry out process change?

No matter what sector or industry, process change will be needed for continuous improvement or when introducing a new practice, system or function. It can be a step that’s overlooked when implementing change but is a required effort to ensure consistency, clarity and compliance, particularly for employees.

It’s also vital to long-term success in any dynamic and competitive business environment. But as with any change, decision makers may avoid implementing process change due to fear of disruption or the lack of internal capacity or capability.

If managed correctly, process change can deliver successful long-term benefits, such as improved efficiencies, productivity, performance and higher employee morale.

It may seem obvious that companies that continually review their processes have better business success. However, it’s important that the purpose and outcome of the desired change has well defined and clear objectives, as well as metrics to measure success.

Drivers for your change

Continuous improvement should be embedded into the culture of any business, but the need for process changes is often driven by a number of factors.





Increase profitability


Operational efficiencies


Team performance


Compliance and regulation


Merger and acquisition

System implementation

How we help with process change

With over 20 years of delivering successful change and transformation for businesses across sectors, we have a track record of helping organisations to remain competitive, whilst improving efficiencies across process, technology and people.


Often, we’ll provide business analysis expertise to “deep dive” into a change challenge, carrying out process mapping to review gaps, recommend a course of action and help deliver the solution. This insight provides clarity on exactly what investment is needed and when.

Much like living organisms, businesses must adapt to survive. But sometimes they just don’t have the resource or skills inhouse to pause their day jobs and commit the time, effort or knowledge to get the job done.

Developing a new process is a vital aspect of implementing a digital solution, such as:

  • Customer Relationship Management platforms (CRM)
  • HR & Payroll system (HRP)
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP)
  • Cloud Computing platforms
  • Business Collaboration tools
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics platforms
  • Financial Management systems


How we work

Learn more about how we’ll work with you to deliver your process change needs.

We embed our teams within our client’s organisations, meaning we really do become part of the team. With our fresh eyes, new energy and sector expertise, we see solutions, instil calm and help businesses achieve successful and long-lasting change.

We’re with our clients every step of the way to manage or deliver the plan and go to great lengths to ensure we win our clients’ trust from the get-go. Whether you’re looking for support with a small scale process change or full business transformation, we’d love to hear from you.

Consultant Tamara Pleasant discusses process change

What makes us different

We have a unique perspective on what it means to stay adaptable during a time where the business landscape seems to be continuously evolving. Equipped with knowledge, vast experience and people first ethos, our change experts help clients inform ideas, sustain focus and transfer their skills so that the change remains effective, long after we’ve left.

Eman Al-Hillawi discusses process change

It’s a people thing

Remembering that people are at the heart of every organisation is a vital starting point of and change. This is because a company without a committed and motivated workforce is likely to come against barriers to successful change implementation and will impact the way the change lands and embeds into the “new normal”.

The Entec team discuss process change

It’s good to talk

Communication is key, so we facilitate transparency through each step of the change journey to help tackle difficulties or challenges that need adjusting within the workforce.



Devesh Punjani discusses process. change

Follow the process

By following a change management process, businesses are able to positively bring employees along the change journey. It’s essential that employees’ wants, needs and concerns are incorporated into the approach and that the desired outcomes and benefits are identified.